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If you need the tool and don't have it on site, a Stagehand will build it!

Stagehand Ingenuity!

We were installing the stage lifts at the Shanghai Disney Resort, where the majority of it involved lots of steel work by Show Canada China. Toward the end when we were installing the decking or fiber-grate our Skill-Saw gave out on us. We had five more piece of decking to cut and install before the job was complete. Instead of waiting for a replacement Skill-Saw, one of the Chinese Stagehands had fabricated and put to work. I am holding on the picture above, a HOMEMADE HAND SAW! How AWESOME is that! I thanked him and we all took turns that day completing the project! Two hours after completion of that task and knocking out four others on my punch list, the new Skill-Saw arrived on the job site! GOES TO SHOW, HOW STAGEHANDS NO MATTER WHERE IN THE WORLD, CAN ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS TOGETHER AS A TEAM!

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