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GST Rigging Division & TORUK Production at Beijing, China

The last couple of days GST's Rigging Division was at the Cadillac Arena at Beijing, China! We had a rigging call with Cirque du Soleil's Arena Production: TORUK! It was their first time rigging at this venue! If you ever get a chance to rigger there I believe as a High Rigger you will like it! The I-beams were big enough for you to sleep on! Don't worry no one fell asleep. It was nice seeing the high riggers having a good time and enjoying the AIR CONDITION! Usually, venues here leave the air condition OFF! I guess to save money! But not the Cadillac Arena, they actually left them on. Most of the points were basket with a few exceptions. The local crew - ground riggers were ok but still needed help occasionally reading the "Chalk Point Marks". Dola and I had to do most of the ground rigging but we managed! All in all, it was FUN!

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